Alex Kang

Alex Kang

Oldies But Goodies

By aleeex

I’m sure this has been said before, but old hard drives (that still spin up) are like snapshots of your life. Every time I get a new computer with a new hard drive, I copy over my files and put my old hard drive in an external case, only to be used in the event I forgot to copy a specific file. Every time I spin up an old hard drive, I end up copying over more files than I had originally intended. Kinda’ like going to for an HDMI cord but also purchasing an air filter, SD card, shampoo and a book that was cheaper than it was 20 minutes ago. Side note; I always wonder if Prime Shipping entices us to buy more, or just exclusively from Digging through old hard drives also flattens me with nostalgia, not unlike going home for the holidays and seeing a suspiciously placed yearbook on the coffee table. Looking at the old videos and games I had installed makes me smile and then sneer; they were fun back in the day but I spent way too much time on them.

Recently I was looking through an old hard drive for a Paul Oakenfold mp3 when I stumbled upon my old podcasts I did for the UC back in ’06. Smile and sneer? More like laugh and cry. It’s like looking at the websites you designed 4 years ago, or the code you created 2 years ago, or the outfit you wore last week. Also, no matter how many times you listen to your recorded self, it just sounds weird (maybe not if you’re a voice actor). Anyways, creating that podcast from scratch was great. I had a really supportive boss and people besides my family members subscribed to it. Here’s my favorite episode (originally published 4-17-07). Enjoy.

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