Alex Kang

Alex Kang
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I take pictures, make videos, write code, run obstacle course races, and give everyone a hard time

My asian mother couldn't be more proud

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I've been to Canada, D.C., Korea, Japan, and all over California, but home will always be what pops up when I open Google Chrome.
I don't really like watching sports but I like playing them. Pick almost any sport and I guarantee I'll have fun with it. Same goes for zero-sum games.
I hate how I can get addicted to watching youtube videos of funny cats and dogs.
I wish Kurt Vonnegut were alive (and writing) today and I hope Hugh Laurie continues to get acting gigs in America.
I grew up reading the latest X-men comics and anything Marvel related but I don't think I'll ever stop reading Calvin & Hobbes.
I got a BA degree and take advantage of every part of it except the one where my economics major is concerned (financially at least). I don't think I'll ever stop learning, practicing, collaborating and refining.

This is by far, not the most random "about me" section you've ever read.

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