Oldies But Goodies

 I'm sure this has been said before, but old hard drives (that still spin up) are like snapshots of your life. Everytime I get a new computer with a new hard drive, I copy over my files and put my old hard drive in an external case, only to be used in the event I forgot to copy a specific file. Every time I spin up an old hard drive, I end up copying over more files than I had originally intended. Kinda' like going to amazon.com for an HDMI cord but also purchasing an air filter, SD card, shampoo and a book that was cheaper than it was 20 minutes ago. ..read more about Oldies But Goodies

Alcohol, Benevolence, Charities and the ABC's of a Good Night

I wake up from a sitting position on my couch and my living room lights are still on. Glancing at my wall clock I notice it's 4:37am. As soon as I stand up a mental sledgehammer hits my parietal lobe and I do a Homer Simpson dance on my way back down to the couch. It's at that same moment that I notice an awful aftertaste in my mouth: a combination of vodka, brandy, Bailey's, butterscotch and is that Midori?! ..read more about Alcohol, Benevolence, Charities and the ABC's of a Good Night

Help! All Systems Are Down!

At the UC Merced IT department we get a lot of angry stressed out people yelling at informing us that one or several of our systems/services are down(e.g. email, cloud storage, wireless network, etc.) and are anxious to find out when they will come back online. Yea yea, big cliche, every ..read more about Help! All Systems Are Down!

The Kinect Effect

Simply amazing.

Not only does this make me excited for the future, it makes me want to contribute. This also makes me want to go into the video editing industry.

Ever notice how movie trailers are sometimes better than the movie itself (Spiderman 3, X-men 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3-4, TRON, etc.)? This video reminded me of a movie trailer that got me excited for the movie.  ..read more about The Kinect Effect

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